Silence Says It All

Silence says it all
As you beg for words I cannot deliver
Silence says it all
As you ache for thoughts I cannot concede
Now your silence says it all
I am feeling the weight of misfortune
Now you silence says it all
As I struggle with the fate of my seed

Bitter chill upon my breast
(why the chill?)
Will it melt, unfurl, then leave me less
(I’ll always leave you less)
Above I see the ice
(That’s because you’re looking at me)
My throat constricts, there’s little time
(You’re out of time)
Do you long for me?
(I long for no one)
Or is it for what I’m supposed to be?
(Who are you?)
Do you pray for a time?
(I pray for your peace)
You’ll find my state, my weakened mind
(You’re weak . . .)

Copyright 1995, Blanche Fury