Poison Arrow

My lastly thoughts were not of you
I crumbled when your words rang true
I’d embraced your life
Had I embraced too tight?

An instinct now that should have been
But blinded by my selfish intent . . .
I sacrificed, your pride again

Did I hear you say you loved me?
Tell me it’s not true
‘Cause I’d rather belive a lie
Did you take a poisoned arrow?
That wasn’t meant for you
Did it sting like fire?

Encumbered by your so-called truth
The angst implored an inward look that reveals a fire
Misplaced desire
The path now fraught, compelled by pain
I wish to find . . . only to find
My friend again
But you’re nowhere in sight
(Why did you have to say you love me?)

Copyright 1995, Blanche Fury