Close the Door

It’s just my intuition
But we’ve been here before
You lost your inhibitions
When you opened the door

I tried to see into your room
But there’s no light
I wonder if it’s full of doom and sacrifice

Should I sell out to temptation
Even principle has a price
Or deflate these implications
Whenever they arise

I try to tell myself it’s nothing in your eyes
What kind of fool walks through the door of her demise

Close the door, run back inside
And take with you this pain
The stripped me of my pride
In the fate we’ll never find
I don’t want to be the one who’s left behind
To say goodbye

I could stop the madness but would it just drive me insane
If you don’t know where you’re going
Then go back from where you came
I don’t want to miss a spring in paradise
But behind that door I’ve seen it cold as ice

I knew someday I’d be
The one you left behind
To say goodbye

Copyright 1995, Blanche Fury