Look in the Mirror

She’ll only tell you what you want to hear
Compulsive lies and empty eyes
You never know if she’s sincere
Don’t bother asking her name
She’ll tell you three different things

Some say she’s from Texas, by the way that she drawls
But the ones who know her better will swears she’s from Mars
Don’t bother getting too close to who she claims to be today

Ah, she’s running away from someone in her shadow
A ghost she doesn’t want you to see
And doesn’t want to remember being

Just look in the mirror and tell me what you see
Anything, anyone, someone you’d rather be
Just look in the mirror, I’d really like to know
If anything, anyone, if anybody’s home – anymore

She’ll break your heart with the things that she’ll say
But if you ask too many questions, she’ll just run away
Don’t bother trying to win because she won’t let you in

Ah, she’s running away from someone deep inside her
A girl she doesn’t want you to know
Who took her very soul

Ah, you’re running away, but you can’t run forever
The past will always catch up with you
Then you think no one will love you

Copyright 1995 Blanche Fury