Damn Happy

Don’t judge me, I’m not you
After all the things you do
I’m just me, and we are two
And I’m very proud of you

Cause I’m just one bound to be free
Makes me so damn happy
Living a lie
Where we’re swept between

Set aside from human kind
Relaxation, yeah, time to unwind
I’m so tired but I can sing
Without you there would not be

But I know from this day and the next
You’ve come to see me down
But I know, oh, to be number one

And I think there’s one more
One more thing that you should, you should know
I’ll be nice
Sugar with spice
But there’s more to compromise

Cause I’m just one
One to be free
It makes me so damn happy
Living a lie where we’re swept between
I’m so tired but I can sing
Wish you want to bother me
But I know from recent attacks
That I won’t take no kickbacks
And I see one, one last thing
My future brings
That I know to be number one

Copyright 1997, Anne Fontenot & Blanche Fury